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Permaculture Apprenticeship Opportunity -- Pre-application

Submitted by PCTwebadmin on Wed, 01/12/2022 - 13:09

Photo of the permaculture site
The permaculture site is roughly half wooded with garden spaces carved out and half is rich bottom land. The bottom land extends about 8 more acres to the right of the picture.

Please fill out the requested information and answer the two essay questions. Then please press "Send". We will review the responses that come in and we'll send a link to the full application to select respondents.

NOTE: If speaking is easier for you than writing, please know that you may answer these questions by recording, live phone or Zoom in conversation with someone in our group. We also accept hand-written answers sent by postal mail. Contact us for the mailing address (Text or call: 914-246-0309).

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